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RHD Beneficiaries

MakE a difference in your community with rHd

The Main Line Wine Gala is presented by Resources for Human Development, celebrating the world's most innovative winemakers in an event that benefits RHD's innovations in human services. RHD is a national human services nonprofit that specializes in creating effective, quality services that support people of all abilities and any challenges wherever the need exists.

Your support of RHD’s programs allows you to have the maximum impact in your community. Each year, RHD serves tens of thousands of adults, children and families with services that address health care, housing, veterans issues, education, employment, community development, and much more. The people we serve rely on the generosity of supporters who believe that every person, despite their challenges, should be treated with dignity and have the opportunity to develop their full potential.

All of these programs may go by different names, they may look different, they may do different things — but they are all RHD. Your support of this year’s Main Line Wine Gala will benefit four RHD programs making a difference in your community: Healing Ajax, La Casa, the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center, and the Center for Creative Works.

Healing Ajax is an innovative, brothers-in-arms approach to helping Iraq, Afghanistan and other war veterans reintegrate into society. Healing Ajax is a peer support group in which veterans successfully share their traumatic events and coping skills with their comrades who are going through similar experiences. It’s veterans helping veterans, making sure their brothers and sisters don’t feel alone, giving them a support network, helping them get the assistance they need. RHD founded Healing Ajax in 2009. Find out more about RHD's Healing Ajax program for veterans

La Casa is Philadelphia's only youth safe haven, and provides safe, transitional housing for emerging young adults who are experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges. La Casa is dedicated to teaching young adults life skills, building around evidence-based practices that will help them reintegrate back into the community of their choice. RHD opened La Casa in 1998, but recently transformed that program to serve at-risk youth. Find out more about RHD's La Casa program for at-risk youth

The Center for Creative Works is a unique, creativity driven vocational arts program for adults with intellectual disabilities. CCW builds opportunities for our artists to earn money through their exceptional work, gain social capital, and be visible through recognizing the value in the sharing of unique, individual human experience through creative contribution.CCW has partnered with more than 80 organizations, institutions and individuals to create collaborative opportunity. Artists have exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and many have made their way into extensive private collections or even gallery representation. Through CCW’s Teacher Corps program our participants have taught woodworking to people in more than 12 settings over the past two years including at the Woodmere Art Museum, Greenfield Elementary School and Moore College of Art. Current Teacher Corps partnerships include Bartram’s Garden and Wharton Eshrick Museum.  CCW was founded in 2010, developed out of one of RHD’s oldest programs,which opened its doors as a vocational training center in 1972. Find out more about RHD's Center for Creative Works program for people with intellectual disabilities

The 2018 Main Line Wine Gala will be Sept. 27 at the Philadelphia Country Club. doors open at 6 pm
(VIP Reception starts at 5:30 pm)
Sponsorships and ticket information available here